Webcam 2021 Are you buying new one

Buying a webcam 2021

Which is Best webcam for 2021?

I myself talk about the webcam in the above video that numerous years.

Really, like from the over 50 plus types of webcams  plus every year or two a new upgrade for that model comes out for more money.
Like I say in the video “How much money have you got.
The range is from the $9 to $2,000 in price range.
I have used the same low cost webcam for the last 4 plus years.
Tell me really would you buy a new House every year to live in.

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Well here is my advice for you if you are buying a webcam in 2021.

This is what I did when shopping for a webcam.
You should watch numerous videos and ones that looked good and were not live streamed, ask what name brand they were using and why.

Why does Live streaming make a difference with video quality.
Well it is not the webcam in question if the picture (video) quality is poor It might be the upload stream. (Poor internet connection)

I also talk about audio tips but you will need to watch the video to find out more.
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