How to verify video ranking

Are you buying a video ranking product or service

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So many people get wrapped up in the ranking quick methodology that they don’t realize certain actions need to take place when you verify youtube ranking.

So here is a quick video on the steps to watch for next time someone shows how Great their ranking application.

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Above is Quick Tutorial how to Verify video Ranking the correct way.

Now keywords and believe or not SEO is and should be done to your videos.
The next part is do you believe that when you talk in your video Youtube and Google listen.

I believe they do because if you say your video is about bass fishing and you talk about organic farming chances are Youtube will shortly realize this and Boom your video that did rank is now no-where to be found.

Naming your video and name the mp4 file is important.
Choosing a Thumbnail – Post video image help get your message across.
What is your description?
Are your other videos on your channel related to that subject?
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